Jadisi Led Strip Lights Review – APP Control, Music Sync Color Changing Light with Remote

Are you bored of using the same décor around your house? Or do you want to add some lights around your house? With Jadisi LED Strip Lights, you can do just that. They are best to illuminate your house, and they come with plenty of music modes and lighting modes. Now you can set the mood that you want with these electrifying, dancing LED lights. The features you will see below will help you understand the ease and comfort you can bring with these LED lights so that you can transform your home with lights.

50ft long LED light strip


Jadisi LED Strip Lights is 50ft long, and it is flexible. You can extend it so that it covers your entire room, and not just one part of the room. Don’t worry about how to illuminate different parts of the room. You get total lighting and illumination for the whole room with just one LED light strip.

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LED lights with 16 million RGB colors

The LED lights emit RGB colors, and they can change to suit the mood. Jadisi Strip Lights can display 16 million colors in different moods like romantic, party, relaxed. You can control the brightness and color of the LED light strip by remote control or app.

Easy installation


The Jadisi Strip Lights are flexible and easy to install on any wall surface of your room. The Jadisi LED Strip Lights has a self-adhesive back, and you only have to peel off the liner and mount the LED Strip to any surface.

Cuttable and linkable

The Jadisi Led Strip Lights is easy to cut along the mark with just a pair of scissors. You can cut the strip according to your desired length. Join them easily and see that the arrows on each strip face each other.

Complete kit


The Jadisi LED Strip Lights comes with a complete installation kit that allows you to install the lights within minutes. The kit comes with LED strips, an AC Power Adaptor, Remote Control, and Controller. You won’t need to use screws or special wiring. Everything that you need to light up your house is included in this one kit.

Easy to control

The Jadisi LED Strip Lights comes with an HappyLighting App, Remote Control, or the IR Controller. With the IR (Infrared) Controller, you can change the speed of the LED lights, change colors, adjust the brightness. The 24-keys Remote Control allows you to choose music modes, change colors, speed, and brightness. The HappyLighting App lets you adjust the music modes, microphone, change the rhythm of sound and music.

Dimmable LED lights


The Jadisi Strip Lights can be dimmed to make them less bright. They are DIY so that you can make your unique color and set it in your room. Brightness control allows you to set the RGB light mode to set them as you like. They have different lighting modes like Jump, Fade, Flash, etc., so that you can set them according to the mood you want, and as per the occasion.

Smart LED lights

The Jadisi LED Strip Lights are smart. They can be turned on and off through preset timing. It has smart music modes with a built-in microphone so that you can create the ambiance that you want like romantic, cheerful, relaxing, etc.

Safe to handle


The Jadisi Strip Lights emit very low heat as they are LED, and are safe to touch by hand. They are safe for children too, and if they accidentally touch the LED Strip Lights, there is no danger of them getting a shock.

Indoor use

The Jadisi LED Strip Lights are best for indoor use and can be used in your bedrooms, halls, living room. They are not waterproof, and you will have to keep them dry and away from water. You can set the lights around your TV sets also.

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Final words


So, what are you waiting for? With the Jadisi LED Lights, you can decorate your living rooms, computer desk, bedrooms, kitchen, porch, dining room, with the lights that you always dreamt of.

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Review Breakdown



The Jadisi LED Strip Lights are best for indoor use and can be used in your bedrooms, halls, living room. With the Jadisi LED Strip Lights, you can decorate your living rooms, computer desk, bedrooms, kitchen, porch, dining room, with the lights that you always dreamt of.

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