ASprink PM-241BT Review – A Great Portable Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer

When it comes to printing labels for shipping purposes, there are many such printers in the market. They have to be refilled with fresh ink cartridges and a special label with different sizes. But the ASprink PM-241BT Bluetooth portable thermal shipping label printer is all set to change this troublesome exercise.

Users can now use it with a wide range of advantages and benefits. The ASprink PM-241BT Thermal Printer is the very thing that is needed for worry-free and easy label printing. Let’s find out all of its extensive features:

Use with smartphones and computers


Users can use the ASprink PM-241BT thermal printer with their smartphones and personal computers. The ASprink thermal printer is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. The printer comes with a Bluetooth connection if they want to use it with their Android and iOS smartphones. The ASprink thermal printer comes with a driver which gets installed in just 15 seconds for easy printing of labels.

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Compatible with a broad range of platforms

The ASprink PM-241BT portable thermal printer is widely compatible with a wide range of platforms. Users can use it with eBay, Amazon, ShipStation, Shopify, etc. This thermal printer can be used with labels in the range of 1″-4.6″ width. This ASprink portable thermal printer is a desktop printer that covers all types of labels that are needed for printing shipping labels like logo labels, thank you stickers, shipping labels, and many more.


High-speed printing

The ASprink PM-241BT portable Bluetooth thermal printer is a high-speed printer that can print more than 72 labels in a minute. It is a 150mm/s speed printer that can print labels clearly in 203 dpi even after 12 works of contiguous use. Even after such long hours of use, it can print labels and images also. Letters, symbols, and logos, come out very clear and detailed with sharp edges.

An inkless printer that uses thermal technology for printing


The ASprink PM-241BT portable printer is a printer that does not use ink for printing. The printer uses thermal technology for printing shipping labels. Users do not have to buy ink cartridges or toners, so this printer reduces the costs also. The ASprink thermal printer uses Bluetooth technology to connect computers wirelessly. There are no messy wires that need to be untangled to use this printer.

Easy to set up

The ASprink PM-241BT Bluetooth portable thermal printer is very easy to set up. Users get a USB flash drive free with this printer. They can install the printer driver and read all the technical instructions to set up this printer. The instructions have videos and text information that enables users to install the printer very easily without much fuss. In the case of problems and help, they can reach out through WhatsApp, email, or phone. The technical support team of ASprink printer will be able to offer remote assistance and lifetime technical support to users.


Auto-detect of labels

The ASprink PM-241BT thermal printer can automatically detect any label and adjust its settings accordingly. The printer can print custom-size labels, address labels, logo labels, envelope labels, thank you stickers, nutrition labels, and barcodes very efficiently and easily.

Chrome OS support


The ASprink PM-241BT printer comes with an extension on the Chrome web store. Users will have to just add the “Labelife” extension to their Chrome browser and use it to print labels directly.

Compact size

The ASprink PM-241BT is a compact-use printer that is easy to set up and use. Even beginners who do not have any technical experience in installing printers can use them to print shipping labels. The ASprink thermal printer is easy to manage due to its compact size and is easy to install anywhere on a desktop computer or mobile phone.


Free editor software

The ASprink PM-241BT thermal printer comes with free lifetime label editor software support. The “Labelife” app provides multiple language support and also is the best label editor software for printing and customizing labels for printing shipping labels.

ASprink PM-241BT thermal printer – introductory video

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With this ASprink PM-241BT thermal printer, users can now have no difficulty in printing labels. They get free software and free customer support when they want to ask queries. This thermal printer is a Bluetooth printer where that can wirelessly connect computers and smartphones to print labels. It also does not take up much desktop space and is easy to move around due to its compact size. This printer is a very easy-to-use printer where users can not only print labels but can have all the user-friendly functions that it offers.

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Review Breakdown - ASprink PM-241BT

Ease of Use


With this ASprink PM-241BT thermal printer, users can now have no difficulty in printing labels. This printer is a very easy-to-use printer where users can not only print labels but can have all the user-friendly functions that it offers.

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