Write For Us (Guest Posting)

If you wish to write for us you are welcome to submit your article. We will publish the article as a guest post. We will also include your short author bio at the end of the article. To submit your article, you just need to follow all the guidelines written below. If you do not accept any of our guidelines, please do not submit your article.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

  1. Before sending your article, please make sure to read and accept all the guidelines mentioned below. Because, once we approve and publish your article, there is no option to take it back. So, if you think any of the following guidelines are not fulfilling your requirement, please do not submit your article.
  2. The article has to be fresh & 100% unique. It should pass the Copyscape premium test.
  3. The article body has to be 1000+ words long. We do not accept an article where the length is less than 1000 words. For infographic submission, you need to provide some content of 500+ words that can be published along with your infographic image.
  4. The content of the article should be related to our website content and categories. Otherwise, it will be rejected.
  5. You can add some relevant external links in the article body. But please note, all external links will be marked as No-Follow. Please do not request a Do-Follow link. Also, there is no guarantee that we will publish those links. Our moderators will review those links, and if they find them suitable, then they will publish those links. Otherwise, they will remove those links from the article.
  6. You can add relevant images to your article. To avoid any copyright issues, please submit royalty-free images (CC0 license). Otherwise, for other images please make sure to link back to the original source of the images. The image width has to be greater than 650 pixels. But, we prefer images with greater than 1024 pixels width. The images have to be either “.JPEG“, “.JPG“, “.PNG” or “*.GIF” format.
  7. Please add a short author bio at the end of your article. You can add your website link and up to 4 social profile links in the author bio section. Also, you can add your headshot image in the author bio section. But please note, all links will be marked as No-Follow. Please do not request a Do-Follow link.
  8. Please make sure any submitted link is not related to any adult, drug, casino, gambling, illegal or similar website. They will be automatically rejected.
  9. You are allowed to submit your article(s) in “.DOC“, “.DOCX“, “.TXT” or “.RTF”  format.
  10. Once your article gets approved and published on our site, you cannot be able to Re-Publish the same article on any other website or blog. If we reject your article and not publish it on our site, then you can post it to any other website or blog.
  11. It will take around 10 working days to process the article for publication. So, you need to be patient.

Article Submission Contact Form:

If you are happy with our guidelines and wish to submit your article, please use the following contact form and send your query to us. Will will reply to you as soon as possible.

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