KFLOW RO400 Review – A Reliable Tankless RO Water Filtration System

KFLOW is one of the best brands that has been creating an impeccable Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filtration System. It is not just the design but also the development and performance that the company has been focusing on while creating some of its best products since 1997. With unremitting workmanship and good years of experience, what you get from KFLOW is only a premium product depending on the fine material selection testing and performance. Talking of which KFLOW RO400 is one such reliable tankless water filter system that is best suitable for creating even baby food.

Let’s find out all the unique features of KFLOW RO400 tankless reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration systems.



The primary feature of this water purifier is its tankless design. It has been so elaborately designed with great appearance and excellent that you surely would feel the difference. Besides, you shall not just be saving up to 70% of the space but also you can use it as a decoration under the sink of your kitchen. Besides the integrated design is quite advanced for the water and electrical circuit that reduces leakage chances.

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 Along with the design comes the performance. It has the PCP filter which is made with 2PP membranes and there is also one activated carbon block. Due to this, it can remove rust, particles, sediment, fluoride, cholerine, and even colloids. Besides, this filter blocks more than 1000 contaminants which also includes Lead, chlorides, and heavy metal. This proves it to be a wide investment you shall be made in the RO system.

Interface and best accessories


This RO system comes with a real-time display because of which you to get an idea of how much life does a cartridge has got. It does not just avoid the water that is caused due to the premature filter cartridge replacement but also because of often excess use to make sure the water is safe. There is also auto flushing which realizes the filter self-cleaning.

It comes with a water leakage protector that can signal you with the beeping sound if any leakage happens. You also get the composite filtration tech because of which you can save 400% of the water while its one carbon block protects water against rust and particles as well.

Highly efficient


traditional tank filtration often can increase the risk of contamination. But since the design of this RO system is the compact one, it would not just save your problems against many water diseases, but also save s 70% of under-sink space due to which easy installation is possible. It has been made with such a design that filter replacement becomes easy. Thanks to a 2:1 low drain ratio you can save 400% of the water which makes it efficient over another RO system.

Other significant features


KFLOW RO400 has a 5-stage filtration solution. Because of this, there is no chance of harmful chemicals staying in the filtered water. The size of the R.O Membrane bore reaches 0.00001μm while the rate of the desalination is 96.8%. You can use the wastewater recycling solution that can help you water the flowers, wash your clothes, and even sweep the flooring. There is a Double carbon filter cartridge that makes sure you get the best tasting water. Along with the taste, the smell also improves a lot.

Package content, price and availability


Along with the RO water filtration system, you get an instruction manual, RO faucet, Feedwater adapter, drain saddle set, leakage buzzer, 3/8” water tube, 1/2”-3/8” converter set, and 1/4” water tube. You also get 1 adapter and 1 qualification certificate.

At just $259.99, you get the best quality RO water filtration system. It can keep your whole family safe against any kind of disease. Also, you can find it available on its primary site and eCommerce site at great deals.

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The final words


The common name of Reverse Osmosis is RO. This is one powerful technology that reduces chemical contaminants, dust, and dirt.  Overall, KFLOW RO400 is one fine system with much better improvements that can save space. And, the water tastes quite good too. The quality of water is great besides it pours the water quickly while performing its operation quietly.

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Review Breakdown - KFLOW RO400



Overall, KFLOW RO400 is one fine system with much better improvements that can save space, and the water tastes quite good too. The quality of water is great besides it pours the water quickly while performing its operation quietly.

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