LYPULY Cooler Backpack Review: A Great Travel Companion!

If you’re someone who loves outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, or picnicking, then investing in a cooler backpack is a must. Cooler backpacks are an excellent addition to your gear, providing you with a convenient and easy way to transport food and drinks while on the go.

Unlike traditional coolers, cooler backpacks allow you to stay hands-free, making it easier to carry other items as well. With different sizes, styles, and features available, there’s a cooler backpack for everyone. Whether you’re going on a quick day trip or a longer excursion, a cooler backpack can be a reliable and practical solution for keeping your food and drinks fresh and cool.

So, why not add a cooler backpack to your gear, and enjoy fresh and delicious meals on your next adventure? When it comes to choosing the right one for your outdoor adventures, consider LYPULY. This brand offers a high-quality and stylish cooler backpack that is designed to keep your food and drinks fresh and cool. With roomy compartments, the LYPULY Cooler Backpack is perfect for packing your meals and snacks without worrying about spills or messy leaks.

Plus, this backpack is made with durable fabric that can stand up to wear and tear. And, they come with adjustable straps so you can easily adjust the fit for added comfort. With its stylish designs and practical features, the LYPULY Cooler Backpack is an ideal choice for enjoying delicious meals on your next outdoor adventure.

Cooling Efficiency

The LYPULY Cooler Backpack utilizes 8mm thick foam insulation that is capable of drastically improving the backpack’s thermal efficiency. This allows food and drinks to remain chilled for up to 24 hours. The PEVA liner further reinforces the backpack’s cooling capabilities, being leak-proof and UV resistant. Its features ensure that your food or drinks stay fresh and cold throughout the day, whether you’re on a picnic or a long outdoor hike. The combination of these two materials makes the LYPULY Cooler Backpack a reliable and trustworthy choice when it comes to keeping your essential items at an optimum temperature.

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The LYPULY Cooler Backpack is designed to hold up to 46 cans (330ml) and is the perfect size for a day of outdoor activities. The spacious design allows you to store food, snacks, drinks, and other items that you may need throughout your day. Additionally, the thick insulation helps keep your drinks cold and fresh while on the go. The backpack also features straps that allow you to easily carry it with you wherever you go. This makes it an ideal companion for camping trips, beach days, or simply days spent outdoors. With its convenient size and adjustable straps, the LYPULY Cooler Backpack is sure to keep your refreshments cool and fresh all day long.

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Compartments & Pockets

The LYPULY Cooler Backpack is designed with two compartments. The first compartment is insulated and suitable for storing items that need to stay cool, such as drinks and other refrigerated items. This compartment can be easily accessed through the two large zippers at the front of the bag and features an antimicrobial liner to help keep food fresh. The second compartment is also fully lined and is ideal for storing dry goods, such as snacks, lunch boxes, or utensils.

In addition to the two main compartments, the bag also features two side pockets which are perfect for carrying four bottles of wine, umbrellas, or even a water bottle. On the back strap, there is also a small mesh pocket that comes in handy for storing wallets or cell phones. Lastly, the bag has a built-in beer opener so you don’t have to worry about having to carry one yourself!

Leak-Proof Design

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The innovative LYPULY Cooler Backpack features a patented 100% leak-proof design that keeps contents safe from water damage. This is made possible by our cutting-edge heat-pressing process that fuses the fabric layers together, creating a seamless and waterproof seal. The seams are designed to remain intact even after multiple trips, so you can be sure that your food and drinks stay safe and secure wherever you go. Additionally, the backpack’s unique construction ensures that no water or condensation can escape through the bottom of the bag, ensuring your items are protected from all angles. With this top-of-the-line leakproof technology, you can trust LYPULY to keep your items safe and dry!


The LYPULY Cooler Backpack is designed to be incredibly portable and lightweight. It weighs just 1.7 pounds, making it easy to carry around all day without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable. Its adjustable chest strap allows for a customized fit, so you can adjust the straps to fit your body type perfectly. The breathable mesh shoulder straps offer great heat dissipation and further reduce the weight of the bag, while providing extra comfort for long days out hiking or camping. Furthermore, its sleek and stylish design makes it easy to take it with you anywhere, so you can always enjoy a cold beverage when you’re on the go.

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With its stylish design, innovative cooling features, and leak-proof construction, the LYPULY Cooler Backpack is a great addition to any outdoor gear. Whether you’re going on a long hike or a day at the beach, this reliable and practical backpack can keep your food and drinks fresh and cool all day long. Its lightweight and adjustable design makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go, so you can enjoy delicious meals no matter where your adventures may take you.

Invest in one of these high-quality cooler backpacks today and make sure that your next outdoor adventure is an enjoyable one! We highly recommend investing in the LYPULY Cooler Backpack for lasting convenience during all of your outdoor activities!

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With its stylish design, innovative cooling features, and leak-proof construction, the LYPULY Cooler Backpack is a great addition to any outdoor gear. We highly recommend investing in it for lasting convenience during all of your outdoor activities!

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