Fotopro Phone Tripod Review – A Lightweight Travel Tripod Comes with Bluetooth Remote

Do you love clicking your random full-sized pictures? Well, generally, it is not possible. But, technically, it is possible. To click your own awesome pictures from a wide distance with the perfect timing, all you need is this Fotopro phone tripod stand. Just secure your phone on this stand and click your pictures from anywhere. There are other options available too, but the Fotopro phone tripod stand has something unique to make your photography sessions spicy. Here, delve deeper into the complete review of this phone tripod and learn every single detail about it.

Fotopro travel-friendly phone tripod has a bunch of features to impress you and make your photography experience more fun-filled. Here, we’ll talk about them one by one.

Design, size, and weight


The first feature of this phone tripod is its ergonomic, inimitable, and stylish design. Unlike many of its competitors, it has a 3-way swivel pan head design, which doesn’t only look stylish but also allows you the flexibility to swivel the stand at 360º and 90º. Thus, it lets you capture the pictures from different angles while keeping the stand in a single position.

The compact size and little weight of the Fotopro phone tripod also make it unique in its own way. The phone tripod is 39.5 inches high and weighs only 0.39kg. In this category, you will hardly find such a high phone tripod with so little weight. Despite being lightweight, it has a weight holding capacity of 1 kg.

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Remote controllability


This is where the Fotopro phone tripod stand wins the race among the crowds of its competitor. As opposed to others, it comes with a remote controller, which lets you click the picture and shoot the videos from a wide distance of 10 meters. The remote is compatible with almost all Android and iOS phones.

Construction materials


The next outstanding feature of this mind-blowing phone tripod is its construction materials. Unlike others, it is made of sturdy aluminum that makes it robust, lightweight, rust-resistant, and corrosion-free.



Another remarkable feature of this awesome phone tripod is that it is fully adjustable and can fit in different needs efficiently. For instance, you can adjust its height between 11 to 39.5 inches according to your needs. Moreover, you can also customize the angle of the stand.



Last but not least, the phone tripod is incredibly user-friendly. From its design to functionality, everything of this phone tripod is user-friendly. Its quick-open design lets you assemble and disassemble it in just seconds. Plus, the lightweight and compact size of the Fotopro phone tripod also make it unbelievably portable. Just keep in a corner of your bag and carry wherever you want.

Other significant features

  • In the latest edition, the Fotopro phone tripod has enhanced the overall quality of phone tripod including the sturdiness of the legs, mounting flexibility, and even the packaging. In the earlier edition, the developers receive few recommendations from the users and they have worked on this issue very seriously to deliver the flawless product.
  • Fotopro phone tripod is versatile and can be used with a variety of phones.
  • The width of the phone clamp is 3.3 inches and the size of the screw release plate is ¼ inches.
  • It allows horizontal as well as vertical shoots.
  • The legs of the tripod have a non-skid bottom that ensures reliable stability.
  • To allow you smooth accessibility, it features an easy-to-hold handle.

Package content, price & availability


You don’t need to worry about the essential accessories that are required to use this tool. This awesome Fotopro phone tripod comes with all necessary accessories including 1 phone mount,1 Bluetooth adapter, 1 GoPro adapter, little tripod bag, and remote control along with the main tripod stand. All these items will be packed in a single packaging of 11.5×2.7×2 inches that weighs nearly 13.6 ounces.

Fotopro phone tripod is a much-loved tripod stand and it is available for the purchase in all major e-commerce stores. The price you’ll need to pay for it is something $28. To your delight, it offers free shipping.

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The bottom line


You no longer need to hand your camera or mobile to a stranger to capture a beautiful full-sized picture of yours. Simply, get this mind-blowing Fotopro phone tripod stand and snap plenty of your full-sized gorgeous pictures on your own. Just set the accuracy & timing and capture your own pictures from a wide distance.

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You no longer need to hand your camera or mobile to a stranger to capture a beautiful full-sized picture of yours. Simply, get this mind-blowing Fotopro phone tripod stand and snap plenty of your full-sized gorgeous pictures on your own.

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