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As an innovative manufacturing company, Xiaomi always tries to leave up to the expectations of users with its feature-rich devices. A few years before, this Chinese company has entered into the segment of producing highly durable and affordable drones. Recently, the company has released one more product in this segment called FIMI A3 2-Axis Gimbal RC Drone. This device comes with its unique specification; it possesses all the features that users require to carry out their tasks successfully. Here we have highlighted all the features of FIMI A3 2-Axis Gimbal RC Drone in its comprehensive review:



FIMI A3 Drone is manufactured from high-quality material. Its precise fitting makes sure you assemble or disassemble all parts within a quick time. The developers of drones have worked extremely hard on its extremely well balanced and durable design. This white colored device features a thick outline of carbon fiber that significantly enhances its looks. The dimensions of the drone are 11.22 x 9.02 x 2.72 inches. It weighs only 590 gm which means you will find it lighter than some of the Smartphones available in the market today.

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Software & Performance:


FIMI A3 2-Axis Gimbal RC Drone is powered by CMOS sensor and Ambarella ISP processor that makes sure its records video without any interruption. This device comes with an HD camera of 8MP with an f/2 aperture that makes sure you get high-quality photos and videos. The images captured through this drone are also crystal clear thereby allowing you to use it on a varied number of projects. As far as real-time transmission is concerned, this drone captures everything within the range of 1km. The high-end mechanical setting of this device makes sure you get smooth and stable footage in any critical situation.

The optimum connection distance of FIMI A3 2-Axis Gimbal RC Drone is 1km and it can achieve flight distance of as high as 500m. The drone features headless mode which means the user doesn’t need to make any major adjustment prior to flying. This drone also supports a single key return function that makes sure it conveniently finds a way back home. The quick-release propeller of drone offers it extremely powerful and quick propulsion.



The drone features a Li-Polymer battery of 2000 mAh that delivers a flight time of around 25 mins. This is not bad when you compare with other drones that fall in a similar category. When the battery level reaches 30%, the signal is triggered and the user gets a notification to land the drone promptly. However, it doesn’t affect the performance of quadcopters and they will still keep flying normally. You can recharge the battery of the drone using micro USB cable very easily. It takes around 2 hours for the battery for 100% charging.

Remote Control:


The 5.8GHz remote control of FIMI A3 2-Axis Gimbal RC Drone features an LCD display of 4.3 inches with a resolution of 480 x 272P. You can turn on the controller by pressing the on key and holding it for around 1.5 seconds. You can follow a similar mechanism for the landing and takeoff of this drone using the remote control. On the bottom part of remote control, you can find USB ports that are covered using rubber protection. The joysticks of this device are quite smooth that allows the user to get perfect control of the drone. The remote control features a LiPo battery of 2950 mAh that offers a working time of around 2.5 hours.

Other Features:


FIMI A3 2-Axis Gimbal RC Drone comes with an extremely smooth user interface that makes operating of this device extremely easy. Different types of flight modes and smooth controls help you to achieve an amazing flying experience using this device.

Price & Availability:


FIMI A3 2-Axis Gimbal RC Drone is available for purchase on reliable eCommerce platform AliExpress. You can grab this device at a price of around $275 with a hefty discount of 16%. You can get this magnificent drone in only color variant, White.

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The Bottom Line:


The excellent speed and performance of FIMI A3 2-Axis Gimbal RC Drone make it look awesome in the flying mode. Whether you want to purchase this drone as a hobby or employ it for multitasking purposes, it is worth every single penny you have invested in this fabulous device.

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Review Breakdown - FIMI A3

Ease of Use


The excellent speed and performance of FIMI A3 2-Axis Gimbal RC Drone make it look awesome in the flying mode. Whether you want to purchase this drone as a hobby or employ it for multitasking purposes, it is worth every single penny you have invested in this fabulous device.

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