Review of PLIDINNA Heated Vest / Warm Jacket for Men

Winters are already here and now you must be looking forward to adding some stylish and good-quality winter clothes to your wardrobe. Aren’t you? Then, you should try something different this year and we have that different thing for you.

Actually, the winter cloth today we are going to talk about is not unique or different, but it is its functionality of it that puts it apart from the crowd. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, we are talking about the PLIDINNA Heated Vest, which is a battery-powered vest that uses electrical energy to keep you warm. Read below to uncover all the details about it.

Unique features of PLIDINNA Heated Vest

PLIDINNA Heated Vest has managed to grab a lot of public attention. Let’s talk about those remarkable features in detail that make it one-of-a-kind.

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You are sure to fall in love with the modish design of this vest. Having almost a full neck collar and front zipper, the jacket looks really stylish. The dark black color makes it look more classy. On each side, the vest features two zippered pockets that are so sleek that people can’t even make out whether the jacket has pockets.


Not just the design but the fabric of the vest is also too good. Made of 100% nylon, it will keep you comfortable and warm no matter how cold the weather is. To add more to your delight, the fabric is lightweight and absolutely water-resistant. Given this fact, you can wear this jacket outdoors without any worries.

Unique heating system

This is the most significant feature of the PLIDINNA Heated Vest. To your surprise, this vest is designed with a powerful battery of 7.4V. The interesting thing is that the battery has a fast-heating capacity. Given the fact, it offers 10 hours of long operation on just a single charge. When the charge goes down, simply charge it with a smartphone charger.


Different heat settings

The best thing about this battery-powered jacket is that it allows you the flexibility to change the heating modes according to your needs. It is designed with 4 heating zones and 3 temperature levels. You can customize the setting anytime. To surprise you more, the jacket is equipped with ultra-thin carbon fiber all through including in the neck, back, as well as in pockets.


Despite being so high-featured and advanced, PLIDINNA Heated Vest is very user-friendly. It is machine-washable and can withstand outdoor rigors effectively. Since it is very lightweight, it also makes sure that mobility is not hindered if you are wearing it during any outdoor activity.

Other significant features of PLIDINNA Heated Vest

  • Since the jacket is designed with a heating system, it can promote blood circulation and alleviate muscle pain.
  • The vest is versatile and can be used not just indoors but also for all types of outdoor activities like fishing, camping, skiing, hunting, and climbing.
  • It is long-lasting and can withstand over 50 machine wash cycles.
  • The jacket is UL-certified and TSA-friendly.
  • The front zippered closure ensures easy accessibility.
  • It is foldable and portable. It weighs just 6oz.
  • Changing between the heating modes is super easy. You just need to long press the button for around 3 seconds, and it’s done.
  • Pockets are large enough to accommodate even your mobile phones.

Package includes

While buying this remarkably good winter jacket, you will not get just a piece of the vest. You will also get all the required accessories with it that include 1 PLIDINNA heated vest, 1 10000 mAh (7.4V) battery, 1 portable bag, 1 user manual, 1 laundry bag, and 1 type-c cable.

Price and availability

As we already said that PLIDINNA Heated Vest is getting huge love from users, it is available online on almost all E-Commerce sites. Considering its features, the jacket is not costly either. You just need to spend around $100 to $130 bucks depending upon the size. As you might expect, yes, you will get a warranty of 1 year.

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Final words


With the name itself, you would have understood the job of this PLIDINNA Heated Vest, but it does its job in a completely different way than other winter clothes. So, just get the one and keep yourself warm and classy this winter.

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