Review of SIMOEFFI Christmas Tree Topper

With the Christmas season approaching people have started to find new ways to light up their Christmas Tree. There is no better sight than to see a Christmas Tree with decorations and lighting. The newest thing that will add to all the lighting in the Christmas Tree is the SIMOEFFI Christmas Tree Topper. This is, by far, the most impressive Tree Topper that is available in the market today. It is far more useful than all the others. It adds a personal touch to the Christmas Tree and is durable and easy to install and remove.

Unique Features

The SIMOEFFI Christmas Tree Topper has some of the best features. These features are the showstoppers that make this product so much more desirable thing to have this holiday season.

Cool Dazzling Patterns


The SIMOEFFI Christmas Tree Topper comes with 5 very cool patterns. These are the Snowman, Christmas Deer, Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, and stars. These patterns make dynamic patterns on your ceiling and add the charm of the Christmas spirit. When the LED projection light is switched on, the patterns are projected onto the ceiling. Make sure that the Christmas Tree is as close to the ceiling as possible so that the patterns on the ceiling are sharp and clear.

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360-degree Rotatable LED Star Projector Light

The SIMOEFFI Christmas Tree Topper comes in the shape of a Christmas Star. It has a 3D design that is hollow to make the Christmas Star shine from the inside. There is a built-in 360-degree rotatable star projection lamp that makes the Christmas Tree more shining. Users can maintain a balanced direction and movement of the lamp. They can also change the distance and direction of the LED Projection. This makes the patterns look like they are falling from the sky.

Easy installation

This Christmas Tree Topper is very easy to install. Users have to just install the top base to the top of the Christmas Tree and adjust it to the correct angle. Users can also adjust the inner light very flexibly to a 45-degree angle so that this will project dynamic patterns on the ceiling. A 9.8-foot-long power cord is long enough to connect the Christmas Tree Topper with the power plug. This Christmas Tree Topper comes with a universal size of 9.4” x 9.4”x 2.7” and weighs just 11.5 ounces.


Multi-purpose Christmas gift

This SIMOEFFI Christmas Tree Topper is best as a gifting item for multiple festive occasions. This Christmas Tree Topper is the very best thing to give as a Christmas gift, Christmas decoration item, holiday party, wedding present, birthday gift, or dance party. Users can gift this Christmas Tree Topper to friends, family, lovers, and other close acquaintances as a gift for Christmas decoration.


This Christmas Tree Topper comes in two variants. One variant has the Star, and the other variant has a Snowflake. Both these variants have LED 360-degree projection light. Another feature of the Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper is that the cord can be inserted to create a different image.

3D Hollow Design

The SIMOEFFI Christmas Tree Topper is made of star-shaped LED Projection light with a hollow design. The outer shell has a golden shade with shiny gold powder.

UL Approved Switch

The SIMOEFFI Christmas Tree Topper has a UL-approved adapter. The power cord is 3m/9.8ft long and is very convenient to connect to the top of the tree.



The SIMOEFFI Christmas Tree Topper has all the best pros that users will benefit from.

  • Simple and easy to install without complex installation and lighting procedures.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to install over the Christmas Tree.
  • Made of durable and best quality PVC material.
  • The adapter is UL approved and the switch is safe to operate.
  • The LED light is rotatable and has some very cool patterns on it.
  • It is a multipurpose thing to gift and use for festive occasions.
  • It has a universal size so that it fits all the Christmas Trees.

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With such cool features, it can be rightly said that the SIMOEFFI Christmas Tree Topper is one of the best decorations that users can do on their Christmas Tree. It has elegant look and is designed with strong PVC material that is lightweight and durable in use. It is also very safe to operate and is not complex to use. Users will find this Tree Topper to be a very valuable and exciting decoration item to have on their Christmas Tree. It surely is one of the most gorgeous Christmas gifting items.

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